Tuesday Jan 1 @ 06:23pm

Tuesday Jan 1 @ 06:22pm


Cake or collar bones dry thinning hair??
Pizza or a thigh gap dry peeling skin??
Ice cream or hip bones dull eyes??
Food or a nice body death??

Think before you eat encourage others to throw their lives away by posting your pro-ana shit all over the internet where vulnerable naive teenagers can read and imitate your illness that you don’t even possess. 

Tuesday Jan 1 @ 06:21pm


The reasons to love Prince Harry are endless

Tuesday Jan 1 @ 06:15pm
Sunday Jan 1 @ 12:38am


all time low could walk on stage, play vegas, kick me in the face and walk off and i would still pay to see it

Sunday Jan 1 @ 12:27am

Sunday Jan 1 @ 12:26am


Penny: too perky, too midwest, too awesome.

Sunday Jan 1 @ 12:25am

Sunday Jan 1 @ 12:24am
Sunday Jan 1 @ 12:24am
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